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Friday, March 7th, 2003

Subject:*runs in*
Posted by:mahnee.
Time:8:55 pm.
*throws arms up in a flourish* Ta-DA! I'm here! Repent your sins, repent! Re- *looks at pull-down menu next to "Journal to post in."
Oh. Heheh, uh, wrong LJ community.

*smiles innocently*
Nonetheless, I am here.
Now, here is a question I pose to you: How to get rid of me now that I'm here! ;)
*hugs FoxLady!*
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Sunday, September 29th, 2002

Posted by:pegasustreasure.
Time:7:00 am.
*Celtic music starts in the background and a lovely maiden dresed in green comes dancing out of the corner.

Hello everyone I am Guinevere, like I said in my comment to Lotus/Lee, also known as Gwen and Gen. I'm new around here, but I've alse been around a long long time.
I don't really know what to say. I guess you can throw your questions in there. *points to door at Lotus's feet. But for now I think I'll take to cleaning up the fox lady. *bends down and starts scouping her brains back into her head, take out the hook and duct tapes it all together. *smile. "Thats better"
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Saturday, September 28th, 2002

Subject:A change of hearts?
Posted by:dragontale.
Time:10:15 pm.
Mood: happy.
*Fox-tail twitches*

I've never had a muse fall in love before. I guess it feels about the same as watching a good friend fall in love. *blinks* Altogether an odd feeling...

I don't usually like posting music lyrics, but I feel that this is appropriate to the roleplay that bosswolf and I had earlier. ^_~ Torrath is romantic to the core, and he insists that I listen to it at least once a day. And I have to admit, it is pretty fitting for Tor and Eyra...


Never knew I could feel like this,
Like I've never seen the sky before,
Want to vanish inside your kiss,
Every day I love you more and more...

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?
Telling me to give you everything,
Seasons may change, winter to spring...

But I love you,
Until the end of time...

Come what may,
Come what may,
I will love you,
Until my dying day...

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place,
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace,

Eyra and Torrath:
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste!

It all revolves around you...

Eyra and Torrath:
And there's no mountain too high,
No river too wide,
Sing out this song,
And I'll be there by your side,
Storm clouds may gather,
And stars may collide...

But I love you,
I love you
Until the end,
until the end
Of time...

Come what may,
Come what may,
I will love you,
Until my dying day...

Come what may,
Come what may,
I will love you,
Until my dying day!

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place...

Eyra and Torrath:
Come what may,
Come what may,
I will love you,
Until my dying day!
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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

Posted by:_storyteller_.
Time:8:32 pm.
*shoots Fox with a tranq

*Grabs meat hook and scalple

*Opens up Fox's head painfully

*dumps out whoever's inside.

Well now. Thats done...

*looks at guests... looks at meat hook... tosses meat hook over shoulder... looks at bloody hands...Rubs bloody hands together.

Well thats not comming off now is it.
Hello, My name is Lotus, sorry for the rudeness in the grab and dump, but I had to make sure I had everyone's attention. It's awefull hard to make good introductions these days.

*steps forward to shake everyones hand in turn*

Ahhh, yes. My name is Lotus. I am the voice in the back of Lee's head.

If you want to hear my side of the story, I'm Lee's ghost, traveled back in time from the future to try to prevent my own demise at the hands of the Nephis. Long story, not very interesting until the dieing part. I don't know how I surived this whole life thing without me...

Well now that I have introduced myself I will open the door to questions.

*opens door at feet*
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Friday, September 20th, 2002

Subject:What Eyra's Been Up To (short story-yappy-thing)
Posted by:bosswolf.
Time:9:48 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
Eyra urged the horse faster through the village, ducking her head from the stares and whispers. "There she goes...do you think she's found out?...we should have told her...who are we to question royalty, even minor royalty...But she is ours, she belongs here...how can you say that? She is no more Dragonsworth than I am...She's the daughter of the Wolf of Zandilor...but she's also the daughter of Eiran...no, no, no, she's the Death-Bringer, run her out!..."
Eyra shivered as the last whisper reached her ears, and kicked the horse into a canter, but not before a piece of rotten fruit hit her in the back. Sincerely startled by the villagers' reactions, she leaned forward and urged the horse to go faster, and faster, until he had stretched into a gallop.
She didn't ask him to slow until they had turned off the main road, onto a side lane edged by trees. She leaned back in the saddle, settling him into a canter. The horse snorted reproachfully, and kept moving quickly until they burst out of the trees, into a meadow in front of a small castle.
Eyra drew in her breath sharply as she drew the horse up quickly. She slipped off of him, and after an indignant glance at his former rider, the horse proceeded to graze. Eyra stared at the castle and began to walk towards it, as an earlier conversation filled her mind.

"Eyra! You're back!" The man looked her, extremely surprised.
"Yes, I am, Gerro. Melli." Eyra stared coldly at the two.
Melli, the woman, placed a hand on Eyra's arm. "Eyra, darling, it's wonderful to see you. We thought you wouldn't be back for a long time, after your cousin's wedding..." Melli's eyebrows drew together, concerned at Eyra's cold look. "Eyra? What's the matter?"
Eyra bit her lip. "I just thought I'd stop in...I'm on my way to Castle Velon."
Gerro looked at her sharply. "Velon?! You have no reason to go there...that's only-"
"-my father's home. And my land," Eyra inserted. She sat quickly in a chair and looked urgently at the two. "Aunt Melli, Uncle Ger-" Eyra shook her head, and reverted into the more natural form she used to address them. "Mum, Da, I love you both, and I knew you did what you thought was best...but Uncle Eiran, he's my birth father. We discussed this at the wedding, remember? I can't go through life not knowing anything about him. About...them."
Melli frowned. "You should have nothing to do with the Wolf of Zandilor, Eyra."
"But she is my
mother," Eyra insisted. "Wolf of Zandilor, Karina Zakairis, birth mother, whatever you call her, I must know about her. Which is why I'll be heading to Zandilor Tower after I go to Castle Velon. For that's mine, too."
Gerro frowned. "We can't stop you?"
Eyra shook her head. "No, you can't."
Gerro sighed, then leaned over and gave his adoptive daughter a hug. "Be careful, Eyra. And go quickly."

Eyra swallowed and walked slowly through the porticullis of Castle Velon, into the courtyard. She stared around the overgrown land, and whispered, "I remember this..." Her feet started to move automatically, quickly. She found the main door, and burst through into a grand hallway, with stone stairs going up in front of her, and doors leading off every which way. Eyra stopped now, eyes focused on the painting hung on the nearest wall. It was of a handsome young man, dark blonde and brave. Eyra sat on the floor in front of it, ignoring the dust that settled over her. With a contained gesture, she flicked the dusk magically off of the painting.
"Father..." Eyra choked, her thoughts tumbling around, then finding the route to her lips, where they spilled out. "Oh, Father...everything is so wrong, so, so wrong...I-" She paused, and withdrew her sword, setting it in front of her. "I've still got your sword, Mum- Aunt Melli, I mean, she made sure I got it." Eyra paused and fingered the hilt of the sword, relating its design to her father. "She even told me what it means...twin dragons' heads, meaning the sword is to be used only by the draconigena...the lion, crest of the Dragonsworths...that's rather silly, isn't it, Father?" she asked, looking up at the painting. "Lions being the crest of the Dragonsworths. Hm." She sighed, and ran a finger down the blade. "Oh, Father, I wish you were here. You're the only one who could possibly know what I'm going through...you were where I am. You had the same problems..."
Eyra picked up the sword and resheathed it, then stood with resolve, speaking decisively to the painting. "After all, you did fall in love with moth- with Karina Zakairis." Eyra laughed slightly, humorlessly, with a wry smile. "Wolf of Zandilor." She paused, and glanced down at her boots. "That is where I go now, Father. The Tower at Zandilor." Turning, Eyra strode out of the castle, out of the courtyard, out to by the horse. She paused momentarily, before mounting. Once on the horse, she stared at the castle again, then waved her arm in a wide, sweeping motion. The windows all over the building burst open, and dust streamed out, forming a cloud which drifted away in the wind. "Least I can do," she muttered, before spurring the horse towards Zandilor.
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Subject:The Willow Vale -- a short story
Posted by:dragontale.
Time:3:10 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Torrath swept down into the valley. It was dusk; the willow trees and mossy rocks glowed with dull blue light. The dragon pulled his wings close to his body and sank with ease into the soft grass. Instantly he felt his heart lifted. The rest of the world ceased to exist; here there were only peace and solitude to be found. Gone were his worries over the Summerlands. Gone was his aggrevation at Enoch's presence, and his confusion over his feelings for Cecilia. All that existed in his hidden glade were himself, his thoughts, and nature.

He took a moment to allow his muscles to unclench and his mind to clear. When he felt prepared, he slowly shrank into his half-man form. Then he strode forward among the willow trees and smooth rocks that marked the edge of the Silaeth stream.

With each step, he drew closer to a dream.

Hidden within the forest of willows was a sacred place, a spot that had been touched by magic long ago. Torrath suspected that it was a center of natural essence. Perhaps it had been created by the oldest of the dragons and elves. Cecilia had shown it to Torrath long ago, although the sorceress rarely came here now. It was his, and his alone.

The willow trees encircled a point in the stream where a wide pool had formed. Torrath walked slowly to a spot on the bank where the grass had been matted down and worn away. He had come here many times in the past few weeks. The branches of the willows swayed as if to welcome him. The pool of water was a perfect, silent silver oval before his feet.

The dragon-who-pretended-to-be-man sucked in a deep breath of air; he closed his eyes and felt into the farthest reaches of his heart.

The water shimmered and changed. The stars illuminated in its depths vanished, and were replaced by a new image.

Torrath's eyes slowly opened. He focused with great intensity on the figure on the water's surface.

She had honey-colored hair, this human woman. Her knees were drawn up to her chest and her eyes focused on something far away. Every so often her lips moved in a rhythm, and Torrath knew that she must be singing something to herself. He strained to hear the music, but heard only the whisperings of the willow trees.

The half-dragon sighed and closed his eyes again. He could pretend that he were there with her, listening to her music. For the moment he could deceive his own mind, and he did so willingly.

Then a thought intruded into his serenity: "Why do I feel such pain when I see her?"

Then a real voice, cutting through the still air like the caw of a crow: "Yet, it is an enjoyable pain... is it not?"

Startled, Torrath turned from the water. His foot splashed into the shallow pool and the image vanished. The water settled quickly, but now it's surface was black and featureless.

"YOU!" Torrath growled, choking back his surprise. "What are you doing here, Enoch?"

The man facing Torrath was little more than a gray face hidden within the willows. His ragged cloak swayed as he extended one pale arm toward the pool. "I was just curious. We've all been curious lately... curious as to why you've been behaving so oddly. But it seems that now I have an answer..."

Torrath's face burned red -- from embarrassment or rage, or perhaps both. "It isn't any of your business!"

"Is it not?" Enoch's arm disappeared inside his cloak again. "Perhaps it is more my business than you realize...."

"You have nothing to do with this!" Torrath snarled. He was dangerously close to roaring, but the idea of upsetting the stillness of the glade was more than the half-dragon could bear.

Enoch examined his fingers, seeming unconcerned. "What affects you affects me and Cecilia as well. I know you're aware of that much. And while I'm sure you couldn't care less about me, I'm certain that hurting your dear Ce falls rather low on your agenda...."

Torrath clenched his jaw. His ears fell back.

"And anyway," Enoch continued, "this lovesick moping doesn't become such a noble creature. She's a human, dragon." His voice rose to cruel laughter. "You don't honestly think she could love you, do you?"

Torrath dove suddenly toward the willow where Enoch was concealed. He tore through a fistful of branches, littering the ground with their silver leaves, but his foe was already gone. When his anger was spent, the half-dragon sat down beneath the broken tree, which weeped as he wept now.

Enoch's laughter echoed through the valley, as sour as a broken bell.
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Subject:Testing, testing, one two three...
Posted by:dragontale.
Time:12:03 pm.
*The Fox-Lady sits on a large cardboard box in the middle of the room. Around her, the various muses are carrying and pushing more boxes, quickly filling the space. The place is featureless so far... all the walls and floors are as white as a fresh sheet of paper.*

C'mon guys... aren't you finished yet? *snickers*

Cecilia: *pushes a heavy box into the room and promptly collapses, sprawling across the floor.* It's not OUR fault you decided to pack everything you could possibly think of!

Torrath: *hauls in two boxes, balancing each one on his shoulders* And we mean that literally, Fox. You and your twisted sense of humor...

*grins* Aww, come on... don'tcha think the Boss Wolf is going to like this place? And I told you -- you get to decorate it however you want.

Ce: *perks up, envisioning walls covered in a myriad of colors... and glow-paint*

Oy. You're going to make me regret such random acts of kindness, Ce...

Ce: *grins like a loon*

Torrath: Well, that's everything. I'll be off now, if you don't mind.

*raises an eyebrow* Don't go too far... I still need to have a little heart-to-heart with you soon.

Torrath: *slumps his shoulders, but nods in compliance and quickly exits*

Ce: *has torn open a box and is rummaging around in it* Tor's sure been in a funk lately.

Yeah... *gnaws on her lip* Ce... you know why, right?

Ce: Uh. *hesitates* Not really...

I think you probably have an idea.

Ce: *pulls a slinky from the box and sits down on the floor indian-style, springing the toy back and forth in her hands* ...he's my best friend. He's my guardian. I'm not sure what to do to help him...

*Fox-smirks* Oh come on, Cecilia! You know more about these situations than I do! You lose your heart at the drop of a hat and love with wild abandon. You can't deny what's going on... it's not going to help things.

Ce: *stares at the slinkey, looking glum, and finally mumbles* I know... I just don't want to lose him...

Feh. Silly sorceress. You need to talk to him more than I do... he's your dragon, after all.

Ce: *nods slowly* I guess I owe him that much...

*The Fox hops off her box and strolls toward the door.* Things will work out somehow! Now I want to see this room painted when I get back. *grins*

*As the muses' creator goes about her business, Enoch's voice floats in to fill her absence.* "Oh yes, things will work out... for some of us..."
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